Free UNIX on the Mac?

There are a lot of Apple Macintosh owners out there who want, for various reasons, to run some version of a UNIX-like operating system (hereafter, Un*x) on their macs. This has been complicated by a number of factors--not the least of which is a lack of adequate programming documentation.

Matt Slot began the herculean task of compiling a list of resources and references for people who are interested in developing a free Un*x for the mac. I call this effort OpenMac, because these resources are for anyone. They were/are gathered for NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux development. If you have

The machine running this server for a long time was a Mac IIcx running BSD.

BSD/Mac68k Resources

The start for some BSD/mac68k pages to supplement those on are "under construction." If you want to help with this, contact me.

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