OpenMac Operational Status

Thank you for your interest in free Unix on the PowerMacintosh. You might be interested in the information available one level up on the OpenMac project.

The current state of the project will, of course, progress, but any major developments will be contained herein. Do not expect daily updates.

The status...

You may get information on these projects by following the links on the above OpenMac page.
To the best of my knowledge, there is not yet any work on a PowerMacintosh version of FreeBSD. There is some work being done on a Motorola PowerStack ("Ultra" motherboard), but I don't know how that's progressing.
Linux on Mach
Apple and the OSF have worked together to provide a Linux server running on a Mach microkernel on Apple PowerMac hardware. Initially, this is just for the first generation PowerMacs, but will eventually support the PCI-based systems. For more info, see Apple's web pages.
There is a nice Linux/ppc port that is quite functional on a range of PCI-based PowerMacs.
NetBSD and OpenBSD
I lump these together as they're still quite similar. Work is proceeding slowly here for various reasons.
I'm primarily interested in the BSDs, but I want to see all of the above systems (and more) flourish. I will be looking for testers and users on the Open/NetBSD front when I get something running. I will announce something on the NetBSD newsgroups and probably the linux-ppc, NetBSD, and OpenBSD mailing lists when that time comes. This will also be updated.

If you would like to donate hardware, please let me know. I currently don't plan to work on the NuBus PowerMacs unless I get at least a machine out of it. ;-)

For the curious, I am currently cross-compiling under NetBSD/mac68k on an unaccelerated Mac IIcx. It's slow.